Pretty Nasty Arguments with Your Adult Dating Partner

By: ardie claveria and Stephon Devereux

Some couples can have pretty nasty arguments in the span of their adult dating relationships. These arguments can even get worse and we’re talking about brutal name calling and throwing around each other’s stuff. Clearly, this kind of explosive behavior needs some cool-down tips. And even if you and your adult dating partner don’t fight quite that intensely, it’s never a bad idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve for taking a blow-out down a notch.

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  •  Take a 30-minute pause. Separate and do other things for half an hour. According to studies, it takes that much time to completely calm down. Once you’re both more relaxed and chill, you can resume the conversation. This way, you’ll be able to state your points more clearly.
  •  Let your guy know you hear him out by telling him that his argument is valid, but you feel differently about it. What often happens is fights escalate because the one person gives the impression that the other is not listening.


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  •  To effectively diminish a heated argument, try saying something light and funny. Make an amusing comment on something happening in the moment, or refer to something in the past that made you both laugh it will help break the tension in the air and make you both relax and start over.
  •  Position your shoulders and knees facing your man to show that you’re invested in him, even if you’re furious.  The wrong body language can worsen an already escalating argument arms crossed, foot tappingFind Article, or eyes rolling can make your man feel you don’t care.

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