Get radio airplay, when you purchase a beat.

Stephon Devereux Beats

The fact that you’re reading this message, means you’re interested. Now how would you feel, if you could purchase a beat. Record your lyrics and hearing it on the radio? Well my system could make that happen.

Once you purchase an exclusive from my beat store, I’ll automatically submit it for radio airplay. When you really begin to think about, it’s a sure fire way to get noticed. Most importantly, you’ll get paid for your music..

I’ll personally teach you how to submit your tracks. Did you know that publishing companies like BMI, ASCAP and others, are not the only exchanges that pay. You’re missing out on a lot of royalties. I know you’ve noticed the music landscape has changed. Internet Radio has given many artist, new ways of getting paid for their work. The opportunities are endless.

Can you imagine, investing a few dollars in a beat. Recording a new track, turning it in to a Local program director and hearing it on the radio? It feels good.. Now, imagine it being given to over 500 stations and being played? It feels even better. Then every few months collecting royalties.. It’s that simple..

I can guarantee that you’ll get airplay or your money back.. Here’s what I’m offering
1. Beat
2. Assistance with registration of your work.(This is a must, it’s how you get paid)
3. Airplay Consideration submissions

Cost: $50(Exclusive rights)

I’ve perfected this system using my own music. The relationships I’ve built over the past few years, has made this system work. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This system is based off of contacts and relationships with those contacts.

An artist could make a lot of money. Give it try.. If we don’t accomplish our goal of getting tons of spins, we’ll give your money back and the beat.. Click the link to our store. You have nothing to lose.
Get Beats and Radio Airplay


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