Need Beats and Radio Airplay?

Serious about your music and making money from your work?

AK247 Entertainment is offering a dream package for all artist. When you purchase a beat from one of our in house producers, AK247 Entertainment will submit your single for radio airplay consideration. With our package, your song will be played over 100 times a week, for one month. Maybe more, depending on if your song catches on. Along with owning the leasing rights to the beat.

Your single will be delivered to over 500 stations.
Stations include:

MTV, AOL, Yahoo Radio, Live365, Shoutcast, College, FM and international radio.

All of these stations pay royalities through performance rights and Sound Exchange. The Artist and Producer share royalities.



$200 per single

(We will work with you on the price if needed)

Full refund if your song can’t be placed.


For more information on this package and beats to select from:

Title: Beats and Airplay package



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