Stephon Devereux presents All of me The Full Album. Listen for free on Spotify.

Dealing with many ventures like Pro Wrestling Promotions, Music Production and other Entertainment related fields, Devereux has come back to his roots. Hip-Hop/R&B Music. With this return, he vowed to change the game, for his new label (AK247 Entertainment), Artist (The Angry Kids 24/7) and his band The Devereux Committee. After his Angry Kids 24/7 artist AR Fizzy and Clyde D), tore up the mixtape seen and went to start companies of their own.

     Devereux with the help of the Angry Mob Production staff and his Committee(Band), he’s put together an eclectic but unique album of new material. Each song tells a story about relevant topics in the world today.. But with the Angry All Day mantra that backs his persona and his lyrics speak it. With stories about Domestic Violence, Heartbreaks, Ups and Downs of a Hustler, Becoming a Man in the ghetto without a family and Lustful tales about his nights with various women. Along with calling out his enemies and a couple of club tracks, this album is loaded.

   The concept of this album seems to be Reflection. With songs like, “If You Need Me”, which talks about a female friend of his who’s getting hit…. He say’s ” That song is about 75% true”..

    It’s set up like a movie in a music form. Each song fits with each other to tell the full story of his evolution. This will be the first of each a three part series, the albums are already finished. The Devereux Committee is currently releasing free mp3 singles on various music sites like Soundclick, Soundcloud and many more.

The full album is out on major internet outlets, such as iTunes, AmazonMp3 and many more.


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