Angry Kids 24.7 Radio adds some local flavor.

Angry Kids 24.7

Angry Kids 24.7 has added Pittsburgh Hip Hop legends Tuffy Tuf, Mel Man, Smash Money and many others to it’s station playlist.. These artist along with others, helped put Pittsburgh on the map in the early 90’s. These artist paved the way for the success that rappers such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller enjoy now..

In fact each of these artist from the early 90’s, went on to make an impact in the Hip Hop world. Most notably Mel Man, who Co-produced the multi platinum “Chronic 2001” CD with super producer Dr. Dre. Who credits Mel Man for showing him how to make his drums knocked harder than ever..

So check out Angry Kids 24.7 Radio and be reminded of Pittsburgh’s rich Hip Hop history..


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