Getting Rid of Cellulite.. Sponsored by Stephon Devereux “If You Need Me”(Let me know) The Mp3 Mixtape

Stephon Devereux Presents: If You Need Me(Let me know) Mp3 Mixtape. Listen while you read

The Proven Program That Shows You:
Why you have a hard time getting rid of Cellulite
The unique workout moves that can help you BUILD & Tone YOUR BUTT
How to activate your glutes in your workouts so you’ll be ACTUALLY GETTING RESULTS.
Why basic moves are BEST and you should stick to the basics and do them well.
Tons of VARIATIONS on these basic lifts so you do not get bored.
Varying tempos, rep ranges and resistance used for 3 PHASES so the workouts adapt along with your results.

1. This complete workout program includes the specifics of how to do the workout program. The design principles used in Build A Butt are scientifically proven.
For a specific and detailed 12 week workout plan like this from me, I would typically bill out clients at least $866. So when you buy this program, that’s essentially what you are getting.
Component #2: The Quick Start Guide –
The Quick Start Guide helps you navigate through these 6 components with success. Make sure to document your starting point as outlined in this guide so that you can see your improvements.
Component #3: The Build A Butt Training Calendar –
The Training Calendar is what you use to mark your workouts after they are done. That way you will see if you are sticking to the program as recommended. Print this 3 month Calendar and hang it somewhere visible so that you’ll see it every day and be reminded that it’s time to do your booty work!
I recommend using a RED pen! It feels like a reward every time you get to jot down that you completed a workout.
Component #4: The Build A Butt Workout Schedule –
The Workout Schedule helps you know the best frequency for these workouts. Follow it day by day to get the best results. We know that rest is crucial to building muscle, so this schedule will tell you when to work and when to rest.
Special Bonus Component #6! The How to Reduce Cellulite Guide –
I always get asked about how to reduce cellulite. That’s why I’ve included this in the Build A Butt Program, so that you can take these steps on nutrition and hormonal balancing to tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of dimply fat on the back of the legs and butt.

Grab this program now..


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