The Venus Factor. Sponsored By: Devereux’s Mp3 Single “If you need me”(Let me know)

Sponsored By: Devereux’s “If you need me”(Let me know)

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  1. The Three Kingdoms historical novel still makes me learn:Honest advice is hard to take to be good at hearing a good opinion.The Cao holds the war of red wall why will hurt?I feel still because don’t listen to and believe a good opinion, face newly arrived huge govern this outsider, but he doesn’t hestitate ground to believe his “is serial to account”, but face another minister son to his advice, that minister son mostly what to say BE:”If the enemy offends with the fire, such as it bear?”The Cao holds to answer mostly meaning BE:”Now this season, can’t pare off southeast breeze, if offend with the fire, then it is burned their own camp”.This is also strange not the Cao hold, he is again different from clear this weather expert of bore to know rains and winds.But since someone suggested a suggestion, the Cao holds to also have a vigilance ah, otherwise can’t hurt, either.Moreover is Liu at a time fully close to Anne’s 700 insides in the aqueous forest in the one connect camp, early have minister son to put forward a suggestion to him, say an enemy if offend how to do with the fire?But he didn’t accept and caused afterwards really drive six lousy 700 inside the fire burn connect camp.So, can be correct to hear the opinion of others, usually decide an affair of end success or failure.


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