Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software review.. Sponsored by Devereux “If you need me”(Let me know) on Mp3.

Sponsored by: Devereux’s new Mp3 “If you need me”(Let me know)

To: Future Beat maker,

When you go clubbing, do you ever wonder how the DJ was able to lay down those tracks? Did you ever wish you could create the beats that make everyone want to get out and jam? Do you want to make beats that go BOOM?

Start Making Awesome Hip Hop, Rap, Dubstep, Dance, Trance, Reggae Beats + More On Any PC Or Mac Today!

Now you can! We’ve cracked the code on how to make top-shelf beats on the fly with just your computer (PC or Mac)….

You’ll be able to create unique bangers that’ll rival all the greats who use professional studios…

You can lay down your beats and samples in a matter of minutes and be the DJ that everyone wants!

This is your chance to sound HOTTTTT! and bust out the beats and the Best part is It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created a beat before in your life…

Even if you’ve never touched a sequencer or mixing board before…

Dr Drum Can Have You Sounding Like a Professional Overnight. Don’t Get Taken In By The Lesser Beat Makers…

A lot of people out there get suckered by software that claims to help you build up the beats, but instead leaves you cold.

The truth is that most beat-making software is lame.

They won’t let you build out the nasty beats you want because:

1. They use MP3s for their samples.

That’s bad, because MP3s are compressed files, they are NOT professional quality.

Then, when you export them they get compressed again which lowers the quality even more!

This leaves you with a master track that is double compressed and well below industry standard.

If you try to play them in a club or sell them to a producer you’ll get laughed at, because they’ll sound like a little kid made them off a 1970s cassette tape.

2. They don’t give you enough samples.

If you just get a few dozen MP3s to play with, you won’t be making a good beat anytime soon.

3. The sample production values are as low as you can go

Its scraped together from amateur wannabe musicians which make your beats sound like they were made on a phone keypad.

4. Far too technical and complicated!

Most of them are so technical that nobody is ever going to understand it! Lucky for you, Dr Drum is completely intuitive and anyone can learn how to master it in a few hours.

In other words, other beat-making software is just child’s play!

Don’t fall for that crap. Dr Drum is the real deal. You’ll be exporting professional, club quality tracks the same day you install it on your computer.

Check Out The Features That Come Built Into Dr Drum!

We’ve done everything we can to build in the features you need when you are ready to start building your beats and blowing other DJs away. We’ve thought of everything, because we know you want to make music that makes people want to bust a move.

16 Track Sequencer:

Our 16 track sequencer makes it easy to compose and edit your masterpiece fast, a powerful yet highly intuitive interface allows you to mix your beats without the headache that comes when learning other complicated software.

Copy bars or multiple bars with 2 clicks, edit each tracks volume, low tones, mid tones, high tones and pan individually, mute tracks or play them solo to fine tune that beat.

It really is that easy, and the best part is you can show off your creation to the world using the software’s built in YouTube uploader!!!

That’s right, the software will automatically create a video to go with your beat and upload it directly to your very own YouTube account, you can even add your own pictures and create a totally custom video to go with your beat… How awesome is that?

12 Pad Drum Machine:

You’ll sound HOT when you use Dr. Drum’s easy-to-use drum machine.

It contains 12 Pads per kit and a HUGE database of booming, exclusive mastered sounds to choose from so you can let your talent shine through.

Wanna add your own samples? No biggie: Dr Drum makes it “drag-and-drop” simple to import your own custom sounds to use with your beats.

Is that friggin awesome or what?

4 Octave Keyboard :

You’ll also get our 4-octave keyboard where you can add Pianos, Guitars, Synth, Strings, FX and much more….allowing you to knock out awesome beats like crazy!

And remember, you can use your OWN samples with this too…

Unlike other beat makers Dr Drum will automatically scan the imported sound, find out what note it is and recreate ALL the other notes for you giving you a full 4 octaves from your single sample.

Pretty awesome right? Check it out!

Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software


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