Want to be lazy and get paid? Be a Video Game Tester

How do you get a job as a video game tester? It’s not hard really. All you had to do was search for it. Here’s the problem alot of people are still afraid to take a chance and see what it offers. Besides the cash incentives, i’ve played more new games in the past 2 months that, I had to ask them to stop sending me so much. Yes, i’m a gamer and proud of it. And now I get paid to give my opinions on top notch programmers about games I play. That’s the cool part it.
So i’m getting paid to do what I love at my own pace. It’s not a dream come true, because i’ve always had a great job. But I will say it’s a nice source of extra cash. I love that word CASH. Anyhow, with Jobs not coming fast enough for people, hey why not become a Paid game tester? If you have kids, this gives you away to spend time with and make alot of CASH…. It worked for me and I bet it’ll work for you. Here’s what I did, I search and found a program online called “Become A Game Tester”. Google it. It works prefectly for me and I knew I made the right choice, when I got my first check.. And was able to play some more.
No I haven’t quite my job but I am doing some things around the house and the cash is helping.. Not just on the materials but i’m paying people to do it.. I told you i’m a Gamer not a builder..
Want more Video Game Tester info and to learn how to be a video game tester

Click here: Become a Game Tester


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