Mp3me: When was the last time you purchased a CD?

I reflect on the days when buying a new meant something to me. Running home, up into my room fast, just to take that plastic wrap off that CD. And pop it right in. Now those days are gone, it’s alot easier today. With music being created and instantly downloaded, were also getting alot of crap out there. In the past the Artist would produce a quality album in 1-2 years tops. Now artist are releasing 1-2 albums a year. There must be a solution to this madness.

I believe there is, let me introduce you to Mp3me. Mp3me only caters to the music fan, who is tired of the same radio songs. The same radio stars. Matter of fact tired of radio period. Mp3me provides music from all genre’s, forums, Mp3 downloads and more. So i’m recommending Mp3me if you’re looking for something new for your ears.


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